Our Story Begins With Love…

Dr. Safi Group was established in 2010 as a specialized educational institution, and we become the leader in establishing and providing what’s new and beneficial, our commitment to success and the treasure that Jordan has (the Deadsea minerals) drove us to enter the pharmaceutical market and provide the world with the Dead Sea finest beauty care products.

Dr. Safi Group follows aesthetic medical policies in manufacturing and developing the Dead Sea products, by utilizing the benefit of the natural resources with the assistance of the Jordanian pharmaceutical experts.

Through our interventions and pharmaceutical management protocols, we do more than just provide products. We care about your well-being and aim to provide what we can, to make sure you get the product you need and deserve. Through our professional team of pharmacists, associates, and a personal touch, we accomplished the mission that we started and now we are happy to present our products for you.

My Promise To You

Today, with more than a decade since our humble beginning, Dr. Safi Group exists to make a
difference in the lives of those we serve. My team and I are dedicated to researching and uncovering nature’s most powerful skincare ingredients all while upholding a promise to you – to create products
that care for your skin with the very best nature has to offer, without compromise to your health. Allowing our products to care for your skin is a privilege and we are truly honored to share this
journey with you.

With Gratitude,

Naim Safi
Founder of Dr. Safi Group

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