Rejuvenating Lightning Day Cream With Dead Sea Minerals

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Thanks to its vitamin composition, that enrich and nourishes the skin and gives it a uniform color free of marks or traces. it enhances the lightning process and protects the skin from the sun’s rays with a 45 SPF level of protection.

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Weight: 50ml

A beneficial product that is able to protect the skin from sun rays, lighten the skin color, and uniform the skin by reducing the appearance of marks and scars.

It is also a great choice as a makeup primer!


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Dead Sea Salt, Zinc Oxide, Octyl Methoxycinnamate, Titanium Dioxide.

  • Dead Sea Salt: Magnesium-rich organic salts enhance skin hydration and reduce inflammation in dry skin.
  • Zinc Oxide: creates a protective barrier and deflects UV rays off skin, it also helps to reduce acne as it soothes skin and eases inflammation.
  • Octyl Methoxycinnamate: is used to absorb, reflect, or scatter UV rays; it protects the skin from sunburn and other damaging effects of the sun.
  • Titanium Dioxide: this is a gentle sunscreen ingredient, it protects sensitive acne-prone skin from UVA and UVB radiation.
Directions for use:

Apply it once in the morning after cleansing the skin and before applying makeup or sun exposure.

  • Paraben-free
  • Natural
  • Organic
  • Not tested on animals

11 reviews for Rejuvenating Lightning Day Cream With Dead Sea Minerals

  1. English

    Haya Hijazi

    My skin became much lighter in the color and moisturized, I truly recommend this product as I replayed 3 products with this one, sunblock, day cream, and makeup primer.

  2. English

    Noor Almanasrah


  3. English

    Noor Almanasrah


  4. English

    Doaa MaJed

    ترطيب خيالي

  5. English

    Fadya Hosne

    صدقاً كلهم بجننوا بس الكريم النهاري اشي خيالي

  6. Arabic

    Heba Mazen

    افضل كريم نهاري و واقي من الشمس على الاطلاق ♥️

  7. Arabic

    Heba Mazen

    افضل كريم نهاري و واقي شمس على الاطلاق

  8. English

    Ola Khaled

    الاشي الوحيد الي ما بستغني عنه بيومي بالمرة بالمرة 💕💕💕💕💕💕 بعطي ترطيب مش طبيعي ما شاء الله

  9. English

    Heba raed

    من أفضل الكريمات الي استخدمتها لوجهي من ناحية الترطيب وما بعطي منظر الزيت ابدعتو فيه والله

  10. English

    Aya salah

    My best product ❤️

  11. English

    Sanaa ahmad

    تقيمي للمنتج 10 /10

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