Face Care Package

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Package of Dr. Safi Full Care Products Three Products


By ordering this item you will receive a consultation phone call from Dr. Safi’s pharmaceutical team.

  1. Rejuvenating night cream from Dr. Safi is to unify your skin tone.
  2. The gold serum from Dr. Safi is to fight facial wrinkles and fine lines.
  3. A special facial toner that sterilizes and refresh your skin without causing it to dry out


2 reviews for Face Care Package

  1. um Mohammed

    جربت من عندكم كل المنتجات رائعين

  2. ابتثال

    اخدت بكج السيروم و التونيك و كريم الترطيب و التفتيح رهيب كتير بجنننو بنام و بس اصحى بحس وجهي لسا كريم و زيوت كتير حبيت المنتجات موفئين يا رب ❤️

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